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Corporate / Leadership Outbound Training


We conduct specialised outbound training for corporate organisations via new age training methods.


Our outbound management programs which include unlimited variety of teambuilding activities, ideas, games and learning experiences which are individually designed for you to be able to achieve your objectives and to make your outbound training program a memorable success. 


Contact us for more information & to energise your team to perform better


Inert & Non-Lethal Training Products:  

Realistic Scenario Training & Effective Non-Lethal Aids


The company has established sourcing & development partnerships with global leaders in the field and of INERT and NON-LETHAL Training Aids.


We market and supply products to the Military, Para Military, Police & other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Our company follows a strict compliance policy for import and sale of these  products.

Contact us for more information and for us to be your One Stop Agency for Paintball & Non-Lethal Training Aids.

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